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Friday, May 18, 2007

It was a lucky day !
After school dismissal, I went to meet up with dongjin , wenbin and derek as we will be having job interview at 3pm (GMT+8) . We met up sinhan and howezhong at a bus stop and we took the bus '190' and we headed to the company located at the ChinaTown. After reaching Chinatown, we have to look for the company and it was pretty hard as we are not familiar with the road there. We walked about 1km to look for the small little company that was located at the old buildings.

After we found the company, we went in to cool ourself as we perspired alot. 2 members of the HPB spoke to us about the Tobacco Free Campaign . If we were chosen, we will going to be the ambassador for the Tobacco Free Campaign this year . It was so cool ! We will be able help some youngsters to stay away for the smoking habit away . =D

Stay healthy and fit !

I hope i will be chosen to be the ambassador for this year because i will be able to earn 100 bucks in 6 hours time ! WOW WOW WOW ~

Today i participated in Habbo's Volleyball Quiz as i was bored to death, quess what ? I won a pair of SWATCH-FIVB Beach Volleyball Women's World Tour tickets which cost 40dollars . I am so lucky ~ I have not win a competition or event of Habbo for so long , but i have won today !

What a great day , I am elated ! xD

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7:48 PM

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Someone bomb us today. Quess who ?
Today went to school with a happy mood, today I attended composition writing lesson. Did a composition and I hope it can be publish on the book, it was the first time i do a composition wholeheartedly. I want my article to be publish because Hoo Teck Sheng had his article published !! Pure luck indeed ! =P

Today went to get a new hairdo with bunch of friends. After the haircut, i find that my hair is abit weird, maybe i will be going back to the salon to cut my hair again . Because it is FOC ! LOL !

Today went to GYM with them too, someone told us that the gym closed for checking equipment. Guess what, we went there to find out and it was open ! He wants to trick us or what? I have no idea . At about 6pm++ , someone was calling my name and i turned back to check it out, and i found that it was yongwei ! That lame ass , fancy calling my name then hide . LAME ! Like a dog ! =D

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8:30 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The results today makes me feel downcast.
Expected these results =D I got f9 for my food and nutrition ! I didn't think that i will fail that exam, LOL, I got 4.5/45 for section C ! This mark pulled me down , saddening !

The following are my results that i had received today:

Combined Humanities - 31 /100 !
Food and Nutrition - 37/100 ( Still have not add in coursework )

I felt remorse that i did not study enough ! Will be starting to revise now !
'O' Level , I am coming ! =D

Today stayed back at school and played captain's ball with Miss Ivy and a group of Sec 3 boys and girls .It was fun but tiring =X
Good job to my captain's ball team. Although we have lost the game, we still enjoyed the fun ! Hope to play with you all again . =D

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8:38 PM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Got some results .
OMFG ! What the hell ! Things really came out that bad ! Did not fare well for this Mid Year Exam ! What i have guessed was so accurate . If use my guessing skills in gambling sure can win a fortune ! Then can treat you guys to a big meal =D But too bad it was for Mid Year .

The following are my Mid Year result that i have gotten today.
English - 55/100
Chinese - 71/100
Math - 50/100
Science - 56/100
P.O.A - 29/100 ! F9 !!!!

Tomorrow will get more results and i will update it tomorrow .

Comments from teachers :
Mrs Mahdu - Have to read story book to improve your english. I am not satisfy with your result.
Mr Koh - This physic paper is more difficult than the 'O' Level.
Mrs.Soh - Weihao.Ni yao bu yao na A1 , yao jiu yao duo du shu.

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8:32 PM

Monday, May 14, 2007

I am crestfallen because of my academic results.
Today went to school and the vice principal told the whole school that we will be receiving our mid year results tomorrow . OMG ! I foretell that I will not pass all the subjects with flying colours. LACK OF PRACTICE !!
Today brought a P.O.A ten years series with sinhan and will be working on it soon. I will be doing my Biology and Physic ten years series first .

AH ! I am afraid i might not do well for 'O' Level arh !

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8:38 PM

Sunday, May 13, 2007

First time betting legally
Today went to gym which is located at Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex with my cousins . Saw chongyong and his stead over there.
Muscles are growing bigger and bigger everyday. Lol ! =P *Thick-skinned*

Today my cousin helped me to bet , He helped me buy Manchester Utd vs West Ham United. Betted on Manchester Utd winning West Ham United 2-0. The pay rate was ratio 7dollars - 1dollars .

But there was no more hope ! West Ham just scored 20 minutes ago !
What an unlucky day ! =D

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10:58 PM

A sad morning.
Saturday Morning.

When i was ready to set off , my handphone rang and it was my mum . Asking me not to go out , because my younger sister was sick. OMG ! What the hell ! I am already in my outing outfit le , then ask me not to go to the ESCAPE THEME PARK anymore.

Then I went down to Macdonald for my breakfast with my sister. It was packed with peoples but luckily we found a table to enjoy eating the Big Breakfast which taste superb ! Haha =D

Went to my grandmother's house after that. Which I go weekly to play with my cousins. It was quite boring as i go there every week and doing the same things everytime . But sometime get to bowl, can pratice my bowling skills. But today did not bowl , therefore there was nothing much for me to do , but get to watch Spiderman 3 =D A great movie, just that it is quite boring during the first 20 minutes.

Overall, It was a average day for me x)

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12:25 AM


A very fortunate boy ! =D
Name: weihao
Age 16
Likes to hang out with friends and play online games x)
Active and BLABLABLA ! x) Looking forward to 'O' Level
I am always hyper active ! xD





HATE Liars.
HATE Backstabbers
HATE Bombermans
HATE Studies. =P
HATE Stressful life
But every single day goes by smoothly!


Get 15 points and below for 'O' Level
Study in a good polytechnic
Study the course that i like in the poly
My family stays HEALTHY and FIT!
My friends all able to go to their desire polytechnic !
I wish, i wish...



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